Risk Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

Henschel Thomas

This essay offers a review of the book Risk Management in Small and Medium Enterprises (2019), written by Chiara Crovini. The purpose of this review is to provide a theoretical background to the book in the context of risk management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Risk has emerged as an area attracting increasing interest in the litera- ture. Over recent decades, the topic of risk has been shown to be an ines- capable reality of modern businesses. Until very recently, systematic re- search into business risk management has been concerned with only large corporations (Brancia, 2011; Falkner and Hiebl, 2015; Ferreira de Araújo Lima et al., 2020; Heinze and Henschel, 2020; Rostami et al., 2015; Ver- bano and Venturini, 2013). This book, based on a PhD thesis at the Univer- sity of Turin, Italy, is the first study of its kind to investigate the current state of risk management practices in Italian small and medium-sized en- terprises (SMEs) and to provide a detailed analysis of the main barriers in developing an effective risk management system for SMEs.

Henschel, T. (2020). Risk Management in Small and Medium Enterprises, Financial Reporting, n.2, pp. 133-138 DOI: 10.3280/FR2020-002006