Potere aziendale, pandemia e smart working

Catturi Giuseppe

Power in the firm, pandemic, and smart working

This study discusses the social, economic, and environmental consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The author analyzes how power could manifest in the firm and how certain traditional concepts related to its existence could be altered.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed not only the theoretical paradigms but also the structures of the firm, boosting the spread of information technology in every managerial aspect, especially the self-styled smart working.

The widespread use of technology promotes individual and collective freedom, but it can also become a tool of oppression of the individual will lead to unacceptable inequality among those who can use technology and those who are excluded from it.

The cultural growth should tend to set up a grid of values that can ensure an integral development of individuals and organizations through rational and responsible use of information technology tools.

Keywords: Corporate policy, Corporate governance, Management control, Smart working, COVID-19 pandemic.