Internet of Things e Industria 4.0. Un case study di successo di digital manufacturing

Marchini Pier Luigi, Medioli Alice, Belli Laura, Davoli Luca

Internet of Things and Industry 4.0: a successful digital manufacturing case study

The value creation through production is currently shaped by Industry 4.0, whose paradigm aims at improving industry management and business processes.

Through a case study, this research describes the renovation steps, in a manufacturing environment. The research aims to study how the introduction of digital innovation helps in making more efficient and time saving production (RQ1), as well as in increasing product quality, enabling on time detection of non-conformity (RQ2).

At theoretical level, the research aims to close the gap between the Internet of Things (IoT) application and real-word aspects, analyzing how an industry 4.0 transformation could be modelled and implemented. At managerial level, the study shows how IoT technologies and process digitalization should provide advantages in terms of cost reduction, product quality control, allowing continuous collection of heterogeneous data useful to optimize the production further.

Keywords: Industry 4.0; Business process digitalization; Smart Factory; Internet of Things; Digital Manufacturing



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Marchini, P., Medioli, A., Belli, L., Davoli, L. (2019). Internet of Things e Industria 4.0: Un case study di successo di digital manufacturing, Management Control, n.3, pp. 11-34. DOI: 10.3280/MACO2019-003002