Performance e co-produzione dei servizi pubblici: la problematica della misurazione

Sorrentino Daniela, Ruggiero Pasquale, Mussari Riccardo

Performance and co-production of public services: The measurement issue

The article explores how public administrations develop co-produced public services performance measurement, addressing a relevant turning point in the literature on public services co-production.

The authors adopt the single-case study methodology, and the investigation is guided by key theoretical concepts for analysing performance measurement in public administrations. The empirical setting is a participatory security practice implemented by a Tuscan municipality. The security practice is an example of collective co-production. Results from document analysis and interviews with key actors highlight how performance measurement is anchored to how the co-production practice is experienced.

This paper advances the knowledge on co-production of public services and delivers practical contributions through empirical evidence on how co-production works in practice and how public administrations can measure the co-production results. Finally, a deeper dialogue between scholars and practitioners is encouraged to help both perspectives and backgrounds build systematic and valuable performance measures for co-produced public services.

Keywords: Co-production, Performance measurement, Public service, Participatory security, Italian municipality.

Sorrentino D., Ruggiero P., Mussari R. (2021). Performance e co-produzione dei servizi pubblici: la problematica della misurazione, Management Control, Suppl. 2, pp. 115-141. DOI:10.3280/MACO2021-002-S1006