Management Control. A logical framework approach

Musso Alessandro, Jebabli Souheil, Ghorbani Abbas

Present study originates with properly modifications and needed simplifications from internal documentation of a company, in order to share a common approach, a same terminology and to frame some issues which involve different business functions, therefore meet different sensitivity and different culture in the context of a multinational.
This paper is therefore consequence to the launch of two financial projects:
1) standardization of reporting procedures for all subsidiaries to comply with kpi ISO-TS/IATF rules
2) introduction of industrial costing for the largest branch within the group.
It has been conventionally defined as follows: Cost Accounting aimed at determin-ing the cost of product from industrial point of view of bill of material and routing, Managerial Accounting aimed at detecting cost by cost center, Management Ac-counting for realization of interim reporting.

Keywords: Cost Accounting, Bill of Material, Routing, Managerial Accounting, Cost Center, Management Accounting, Financial Reporting

Musso, A., Jebabli, S., Ghorbani, A. (2018). A logical framework approach, Management Control, n.3, pp. 13-29. DOI: 10.3280/MACO2018-003002