Indice – Financial Reporting 2/2017


Financial Reporting



Italian academia facing an international scenario: Issues and trends

Andrea Lionzo

pag. 3
Toward a learned profession: The future of accounting research

Bruce Behn

» 23
Increasing the value of accounting research: An Italian perspective

Aldo Pavan, Isabella Fadda,

» 29
Some notes about financial accounting research: Research methodology, epistemological approaches and practical implications

Marco Allegrini, Giulio Greco

» 43
Past evolution and recent trends in accounting research


Annalisa Prencipe, 

» 51
The points of contacts between academics and professionals


Massimiliano Semprini

» 61
The usefulness of accounting research: A practitioner’s point of view

Giovanni Andrea Toselli

» 67
Accounting research production and evaluation: The view of the professionals

Orazio Vagnozzi

» 75