Financial Reporting

n. 1/2016



“The ‘Real’ Impact Factor: Accounting Research, Practice, and Users: Towards a New Relationship between Academia, Professionals, and Standard Setters in Accounting

Anne McGeachin, Alan Teixeira, Stefano Zambon

pag. 5
The “Real” Impact Factor: Reflections on the Impact of the Research Excellence Framework

Jane Broadbent

» 15
The Real Impact Factor and the Gap between Accounting Research and Practice

Alberto Quagli, Francesco Avallone, Paola Ramassa

» 29
Accounting Research: Relevance Lost

Andrew Higson, Rasha Kassem,

» 59
Who Influences Whom? An Exploratory Analysis of the Interrelations between Accounting Research and the IASB’s Standard Setting Activity

Michele Pizzo, Nicola Moscariello, Claudio Teodori, Monica Veneziani, Laura Rocca, Alberto Quagli, Elisa Roncagliolo

» 77
Accounting Theory and Accounting Practice as Loosely Coupled Systems: A Historical Perspective on the Italian Case (1930-1990)

Stefano Zambon, Laura Girella

» 95
Commentary. Research and practice in accounting: A collaborative perspective

Allister Wilson

» 135