Controllo interno e di gestione nella prospettiva del valore

Pavan Aldo

Internal control and management control in the value creation perspective.

Each economic entity is aimed at generating value and durability. Various control tools are prepared. The management control continuously verifies the results achieved in comparison with the budget objectives. The internal control system and the enterprise risk management oversee the conditions for the achievement of the corporate objectives. The above control systems are often considered as separate entities. It is a paradox; both preside over the orientation towards value, objectives and efficiency. A strong commitment to the homogenization of control instruments is therefore necessary. Starting from this consideration, the VII Workshop of the magazine proposed, in Cagliari on 24 and 25 May 2018, the theme “Management control and internal control: value creation and stakeholders’ protection”. The presented papers dealt with the suggested themes, but they ranged on the various topics of interest to the magazine. The present issue presents seven selected articles that deal with internal control and managerial control, the definition of scenarios in strategic planning, the management rationale in non-profit foundations and the use of social media in Italian museums.

Keywords: internal control and management control, CoSo Report.

Pavan, A. (2019). Controllo interno e di gestione nella prospettiva del valore, Management Control, n.1, pp. 5-12. DOI: 10.3280/MACO2019- SU1001