Financial Reporting

European Financial Reporting Enforcement: Analysis of Practices and Indices

2020 Fascicolo 1

Thomas Riise Johansen, Carsten Allerslev Olsen, Thomas Plenborg

Beyond financial reporting disclosures

2019 Fascicolo 2

Behn Bruce K., Rossignoli Francesca , Corbella Silvano

Beyond Financial Reporting. Integrated Reporting and its determinants: Evidence from the context of European state-owned...

2019 Fascicolo 2

Nicolò Giuseppe, Zanellato Gianluca, Manes-Rossi Francesca,Tiron-Tudor Adriana

Determining characteristics of boards adopting Integrated Reporting

2018 Fascicolo 2

Alfiero Simona, Cane Massimo, Doronzo Ruggiero, Esposito Alfredo

Do letters to shareholders inform or mislead? Insights from insider trading

2018 Fascicolo 2

Beccalli Elena, Bozzolan Saverio, Laghi Enrico, Mattei Marco

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